Jul 25 2012

What Really Matters

If you’ve ever been watching some of the news coverage of the shooting in Aurora, you might notice too there’s finally some encouraging stories coming out.

Christian Bale, the actor that plays Batman…visited the shooting victims in the hospital in Aurora yesterday.

I don’t know a lot about his personal beliefs, but this was a class act.  It seems like the right thing to do.

Really the only thing you can do during times like these is to just be together.

I like what K-LOVE listener Carrie said about it, "That was really inspiring to me that a movie star would take time out and pay his respect and love to nurses and doctors and the people that are hurt, this is what really matters, reaching out to people that are hurting.”

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Jul 24 2012

Divine Appointment in Security

wedding ring

You get perspective on what’s really important in your life when you go through tragedy.

While I was traveling last week I went through the Denver airport (before the shooting).  While standing in line at security and there was this couple in front of me both wearing the same blue shirt that said “Billy Graham Crisis Response Team.” So I had to ask.

We had the best conversation in of all places the airport security line.

They were in town helping the people that lost their homes in the wildfires.  She spent the week going through the ashes of a family’s home that had burnt to the ground. They found the mom’s wedding ring. She said, you would have though that miraculously everything she lost had been returned to her because she was so elated to find her ring.

Just goes to show.  The perspective you get when all is lost. 

Life’s not about the stuff we work so hard to accumulate, it’s about the relationships.

Side Note:  After our talk we shared about our personal lives and restoration.  It was a second marriage for both of them.  After going through a rough time, they found each other and in retirement decided to serve God with Billy Graham.  We prayed together right there in airport security.  I told her, I want to be just like you when I grow up!

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