Jul 09 2012

Love Today

“Can't spend my whole life wasting'

Everything I know I've been given

'Cause you've made for so much more than

Sittin' on the side lines

-Mandisa "Waiting for Tomorrow"

That song is #1 on my running mix right now.  It reminds me to make the most out of the day I’ve been given.  Even if life is not exactly the way you want it to be, you gotta make the most out what you have. 

This weekend I had an empty calendar day.  I’ve got two more weeks before my 3 sunshines come back from their summer break with their Dad, so whenever I get one of those “free days”, I do something that I couldn’t possibly do with 3 little kids in tow. So, a girlfriend and went Stand Up Paddleboarding. Loved it!

During the course of the day though, we were unloading on each other.  We talked about our worries about our future as single women, our complaints about life, and helping each other through.  Until it hit us; why are we spending this time complaining and whining?

Worrying so much about what's next, our future. When we had a beautiful free day that God had given us to enjoy.  

I realized I had to stop whining about waiting for tomorrow.  Just love the life you live today. 

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Jul 06 2012

Invest in Yourself

"You were made for so much more than sitting on the sidelines" -Mandisa "Waiting for Tomorrow."

That lyric speaks to me loud and clear lately.  It reminds me to make every day count, and stop putting things off and live life fully.  I'm inspired lately by a woman who is doing just that.  

As a new mom, she discovered that she had cancer.  She was forced to slow down.  Now she's writing this blog about her experience, Mommy Has Cancer.  I was really moved by this one, "14 Ways to Start Taking Better Care of Yourself"

She had been doing what so many women do, care for themselves last.  She had rescheduled many doctor appointments, ignored little aches and pains, ate quick unhealthy food on the run, and never treated herself.  

But, once she recovered from surgery, she made some changes and started caring for herself too.  

She's eating healthy, taking vitamins, setting aside time for quiet time, reading more books, and getting regular massages.  She also said she's learning to savor sleep and become more grateful.  

She said, "it has occurred to me more than once that I'm doing the things for myself that I should have been doing all along.  I did not have to get sick to make self-care a priority, but that's basically what happened.  What is a better investment than one's self?  Because if we fail to do that, none of the rest of it really matters."

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