Jun 20 2012

Look Forward

You are more capable you think.

I had this “a-ha” moment at the gym yesterday.  Doing one of those

Pilates classes and the teacher wanted us to do this move that was a

handstand.  I thought there’s no way I could that, maybe if I was 9

years old.  She said, “just look forward and your body will follow

you.”  So I tried, and it worked!   For about 5 seconds.

I didn’t stand on my hands for long, but I realized I did something I

never thought I could, just because I tried.  Because I had the guts

to look forward.

I read this today and it gave my handstand a deeper meaning:

“Sometimes you underestimate yourself and what you are capable of

accomplishing.  Just look forward, make a conscious decision to stop

worrying and start believing in yourself, and the power of God within

you. Say yes to life and try new things.” –(www.dailyword.com)

Rise, let us be on our way.—John 14:31

Here's a great example of a person doing that:

Ernestine Shepherd did the thing that most women fear, bathing suit

shopping.  She took reinforcement, her sister was there too.

They didn’t like what they saw, so they banned together and resolved

to start exercising.

Well, shortly after that monumental shopping trip, her sister died,

and Ernestine got to work at the gym.

She is now 75 years old, and is the world’s oldest competitive female


Oh and by the way that infamous bathing shopping trip when she

started working out, she was 57.

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Jun 19 2012

It's Okay Not To Be Perfect

You know when you see one of those studies or survey’s that seems so

obvious you wonder why they had to spend the money to find that

answer…when you already know it’s true.

Saw this thing on the news last night about stress…it’s obvious we have a lot of it.


This one said, in America, over the past 30 years, your stress level

has gone up by 30%.

Feeling it the most:  Women, young people, and low income families.

Yeah, I get it.  I wish I had the magic formula to tell you how to fix

it.  Over the past couple years I’ve had to simplify my life to deal

with it.  Less activities, smaller house, realizing it’s okay not to

be perfect.

I don’t know about how you deal with it, Maybe you’ve found the secret.

I stress and worry when I start to doubt.  Will God provide for me and

my kids, will I find someone to love us…our whole crazy package?

That’s why I love being here with you.  For 4 hours a day I get to be

surrounded by positive music and encouragement that reminds me that yes…God can

do the things the bible says He can do.

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