May 03 2012

Pray Where You Are

Today is the National Day of Prayer.  There is an event in pretty much every city in America focusing on prayer.  You can find one near you here.

I admit to you, I can’t make an event this year.  Being a working parent with 3 kids in swimming lessons, it’s just not possible.  I know that you are busy today too, you might not have the time in between work and family activities, to go to an event, but you can pray anywhere, anytime.

Maybe you just pick ONE thing to pray for.  Over your lunch hour or later tonight when the house is finally quiet.  Focus and spend time praying for that one thing.  

I'll do it too.  Hit me up on Facebook or just call me tomorrow at (800) 525-5683 and tell me how it went.

I love the lyrics of Matt Brouwer’s “I Shall Believe”.  It’s a cry out to God, if you want you could start your prayer out like this: 

Open the door

And show me Your face tonight

I know it's true

No one heals me like You

And You hold the key

Never again will I turn away from You

I'm so heavy tonight

But Your love is alright

And I do believe

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May 01 2012

The Blessing is in the Broken

When bad stuff happens you got two choices you run away from God, or run to Him.

I heard Bishop TD Jakes say recently. “The blessing is in the broken… Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found the bread. That's what makes our walk authentic. When you share what worked for you with other people."

Throughout the month of May, that’s exactly what you can do.  Share the Blessings in Disguise in your life on my page at, and hopefully you will encourage someone else going through the same thing.

If I share your story, you’ll win Laura Story’s devotional “What if Blessings come through Raindrops” and her CD “Blessings”. 

Like Marie did today.  She’s the first winner.  I loved her story. 

“I was attending a Christian college, wanting to be a missionary when my fiancé and I made a mistake and got pregnant.  We married and had our baby and I learned that my husband was not who I thought he was.  He kicked my 6 month old and I out of the house when I learned of his affair and asked for a divorce.  That was 2 years ago.  Laura Story’s song, Blessings, has helped me through this rough time and about a month ago, I was sitting in church and God gave me a vision during worship that he is going to send my son and I to Congo.  That day, a good friend told me that God wanted her to to me that God has treasures for my life that I don’t even yet know about.  I feel like my mistakes took me off the track God designed for my life.  God is saying, “I’ve got my little girl back and now we can start working on this dream I have for her life.” 


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