Mar 08 2012

The Influence of You

You might see this in the news today, It’s International Women’s Day. 

It’s a day marked all over the world to celebrate the achievements, contributions and talents of women.

For example, civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks, and powerful women in politics.

I think it’s also a day to think about the women in your life who every day have had an impact.  Maybe they didn’t change laws or make them, but they made you who you are. 

I was incredibly inspired today while hearing your stories and reading your comments on Facebook about how the little things your mothers and grandmothers did, that made a difference. 

Made me think about what I’m doing everyday.  You don’t have to hold a public office to make a difference, and things don’t have to be perfect in your life either. 

It’s the things that you watched your mother, your grandmother go through and how they dealt with it and overcame that has the biggest impact. 

One man called and said his Grandmother taught him the importance of going to church.  Because of her Parkinson’s disease she couldn’t walk in the front doors, but that didn’t stop her.  Her husband carried her. 

And then I got a call from Tammy…that put everything into perspective. 

To really be an influence on people’s lives, it’s simpler than you think.  It’s not necessarily about holding public office or correcting everyone’s bad behavior, but about loving them anyway. 

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Mar 07 2012

Rescue and Restore

Think back to when you were 16 years old.  Your biggest concern may have been, passing the driving test, or getting the right brand of jeans to look like everyone else. 

When Natalia was 16, she was robbed of her freedom.   Her mother left her when she was 8.  Her Dad was an alcoholic and left her to fend for herself.  She tried to maintain her grades while living in an abandoned home, but couldn’t make it. 

So a teacher convinced Natalia that she could have a better life in another country, only that better life turned out to be a sham.  She was forced into slavery at a hotel in Turkey.  She lived in that nightmare for over a year until she was rescued and started a restoration program.

Natalia’s story has a happy ending because of a group called, Abolition International.  It’s a group that K-LOVE Artist, Natalie Grant, is very involved in. 

Natalie Grant went on a trip to Mumbai, walked through the red light district, and saw little tiny children for sale on the street and began to learn about the modern day horrors of human trafficking.

“I knew I’d be wrecked for life after that trip, but I also knew that I could not stand by and do nothing.  I had to do something” she said.  So she started an organization to help rescue and restore these young girls.  It’s turned into Abolition International. 

God promises that He is our rescuer and restorer. His promise is he doesn't give us troubles, doesn't leave us in "the valley of the shadow of death" (Psalm 23:4), but he walks us through it.  And when we get on the other side, he restores us better than we were before.  You can be the hands and feet of God rescuing and restoring these young women when you get involved with Abolition International.  

You can help rescue and restore thousands of young girls like Natalia by giving, joining them on the front lines, getting your church to talk about it, and even shopping for handmade items by survivors.

You can read more about it Abolition International, it’s the featured cause.

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