Jan 27 2012

Just Say Yes

You are more valuable than you think.

Saw this YouTube Video last night…it’s the latest by a poet named Jefferson Bethke…he did that Jesus is Greater than Religion video…and this one about marriage.

It’s no secret that the state of marriage seems to be well…not so good…  but what hit me like a ton of bricks…was the realization that putting your worth and value on what another person, a spouse, isn’t ever going to work.

The first marriage you have is between you and Jesus. 

Here’s what he said,

“Disney movies and chick flicks, they've put is in a weird position.   They've distorted our reality because they are actually fiction.  From the cross he looks you in the eye and says I'm taking it for my bride.   When you trust in me you no longer have to hide. Because of me it is finished. You've been made new.  His death was a proposal. He wanted you no matter the cost.  Where some guys propose on a knee. Jesus proposed on a cross."

All you have to do is say, yes.

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Jan 26 2012

It's a Wonderful Life meets Reality TV

You might have one of these…a ‘what-if’ moment in you life — a decision or path you  could have taken — but rarely do they get a second chance to explore what they could have been,”

Some people are getting that chance…by a guy that knows personally how that can change your life.

He went from an out-of-work player bagging groceries to quarterback of the St. Louis Rams and MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV within a stretch of 18 months.


Kurt Warner…

He’s hosting a new show on the USA Network called "The Moment


A reality series in which participants get a second chance to go back and take a different direction in life.

In “The Moment, ” on each episode someone who was nominated by a loved one is surprised by Warner and given a chance to start a new career, whatever it may be.

In the end, the participant has to decide whether to keep the new job or return to what they were doing before Warner came along.

“The Moment” is expected to start during this spring

Kind of like It’s  a Wonderful Life meets reality TV…

Makes you think…if you did get that second chance…the career you thought you always wanted…would you discover that your happy right where you are. 

That’s what I think, I’m glad life didn’t go the way I had it all planned out.  I'm thankful for the bumps that brought me where I am today.

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