Jan 26 2012

It's a Wonderful Life meets Reality TV

You might have one of these…a ‘what-if’ moment in you life — a decision or path you  could have taken — but rarely do they get a second chance to explore what they could have been,”

Some people are getting that chance…by a guy that knows personally how that can change your life.

He went from an out-of-work player bagging groceries to quarterback of the St. Louis Rams and MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV within a stretch of 18 months.


Kurt Warner…

He’s hosting a new show on the USA Network called "The Moment


A reality series in which participants get a second chance to go back and take a different direction in life.

In “The Moment, ” on each episode someone who was nominated by a loved one is surprised by Warner and given a chance to start a new career, whatever it may be.

In the end, the participant has to decide whether to keep the new job or return to what they were doing before Warner came along.

“The Moment” is expected to start during this spring

Kind of like It’s  a Wonderful Life meets reality TV…

Makes you think…if you did get that second chance…the career you thought you always wanted…would you discover that your happy right where you are. 

That’s what I think, I’m glad life didn’t go the way I had it all planned out.  I'm thankful for the bumps that brought me where I am today.

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Jan 25 2012

Make Your Life Count

Had a friend tell me once…”You only get one trip around the block in life…make it count.” 

You’re inspiring today as we are talking about the Happiest Places to Work in America, and what makes your office the happiest place to work.  Seems the key is to know your making a difference that brings you joy. 

A woman who cleans home says she prays for the family as she’s cleaning their toilet, and knows that they will smile when they get home.

A massage therapist who knows that people sleep better because of what she does for a living.

There’s a story today about an American woman who chose a job that makes a difference, but it put her life at risk. 

Jessica Buchanan was working with the Danish government to deactivate land mines in Somalia.  She’s 32 years old.  She volunteered for this position, but last October she was kidnapped by some bad guys.  Her family has been really worried about her health. 

Last night, they had a breakthrough.  Like something out of a Hollywood movie…A helicopter landed in the camp where she was being held hostage along with a Danish Man…it was full of US Navy Seals.  They rescued Jessica and her coworker…

She’s safe.  Just makes you proud to be an American today…Yeah…Go Navy Seals!  Now there’s a job that’s pretty fulfilling too.

Would love to know how you make your “trip around the block” in life count…

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