Dec 19 2011

The Right Gift at the Right Time

This time of year you have a chance to give a gift that inspires…you just never know.

Maybe your child has asked for something unique this year, but it could be just the thing to help them find their gift…their way to shine.

Maybe you had a gift like that.  I remember the year my parents bought me a “boombox”.  Probably a weird thing for a 9 year old girl to ask for most other girls wanted Cabbage Patch Kids.    But, they obliged.  It was a dual cassette deck…I know SO cool…but I began recording radio shows on it.  I made my own commercials, told stories, even did a countdown of my favorite songs like Casey Casom.  

Saw another story of a child like that…When he was 8 years old he wanted tap shoes…It might have been hard for parents to buy their son those, but they did. 

At 19, he joined New York's American Ballet Theater. Five years later he was a principal dancer, one of his generation's best dancers in one of the world's best companies.

And 3 months ago David Hallberg was asked to become a premier dancer with Russia's famous Bolshoi Ballet, the first American ever to go to Russia to dance.

"I see myself as an ambassador," he said.

You know, we’re all ambassadors…taking the gifts and talents we have…to change the way the world sees God.

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Dec 19 2011

The Adventures Of…(insert your family name here)

Maybe your packing and about to embark on a road trip this Christmas, maybe it’s an adventure of every bed, blow up mattress, and couch in your home occupied by house guests. 

You could look at this week as something to survive through or something to thrive through.

Had one of those experiences yesterday...the grandparents are in town and we took the kids to a train museum and all over the place there were kids wearing their pajamas like it was normal in the middle of the day out in public. 

Come to find out, it was the last day that The real Polar Express from the book and movie was there taking kids on rides…but it was sold out…it was if you told the kids there would be no Christmas Found.  We could have walked away saying, “oh what a bummer”…if only we had known.  And complained about it later

Instead walked up to a conductor and asked him if by chance there were any “no-shows” or extra tickets.” We got on the train…we had cookies and hot chocolate…and made Grandma cry.  It was a surprise adventure that we will be talking about for years…Remember the year that we got to go on the Polar Express?

When things don’t go the way you plan, you can either loose your cool, or laugh. 

Each day is an opportunity to build your story. It can either be a story full of complaints or a story full of triumph and adventure.

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