Dec 06 2011

Choosing to Live

Maybe you’ve thought this too:  “if only I could really live the life that I want, “If only I didn’t have so many setbacks that limit me.”
Here’s a story about a woman who is not letting those setbacks limit what she wants out of life.
She’s 37 and has tried everything to have a baby.  Several months ago, when going in for fertility treatments she found out she had breast cancer, and had to put her dream for a baby on the back burner again. She had a lumpectomy, but that didn’t get all the cancer.
Now she’s facing, more intense treatment, that could mean pushing having a baby back even more years.
She’s a well known person, she’s an entertainment reporter and anchor on E!  Giuliana Rancic, is not letting this stop her.  You don’t have to let your setbacks stop you either.   She decided to do something radical and have a double mastectomy.
She said, "In the end, all it came down to was just choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life."

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Dec 05 2011

The Imperfect Christmas Card

It’s the only time of the year that your mailbox is full of something other than junk mail and bills, but hand addressed letters from family and friends.

Maybe you have this experience too this time of year…You go to your mailbox and get all the Christmas cards, open them up, and enjoy the smiling faces of families on those photo cards…and you read their perfect letter of all their perfect activities, and your heart sinks a bit when you think of your imperfect life.

Maybe someone is missing from your family photo this year.  Went online last night on one of those photo card sites to make our card, and got stuck when on the form to fill out, where it said “Family Name”.  As a single parent now, didn’t know what family name to put in that blank…so I put all our first names…and they didn’t fit…so I just chose another design. 

Maybe you’re experiencing something like that too this year and sending out a Christmas Card with someone missing seems like a statement on how things aren’t perfect.  Who cares!

Heard this at church yesterday, “Don’t complain about what’s not happening right in your life, but rejoice for what is happening that’s right.”

Sure you could find something.  Plus all those other perfect Christmas cards and letters you’re getting…their not really perfect either.

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