Dec 01 2011

The 4 Presents of Christmas

It all feels so excessive…

Don’t know about you, but I find myself longing for a simpler Christmas…

It just feels like there is such need…and my family has such excess.  Heard my pastor say that if you have a car…you already have more than 90% of the world.  Living in America it’s hard to understand that fact.

Want to teach my kids that before they come up with their list of what they want…to make a list of what they can give. 

Karen posted this think on my blog about what her family does every year to not give into the excess…I think you might like it too. 

Each child gets 4 presents.

1.    Something they want

2.    Something they need

3.    Something to wear

4.    Something to read

LOVE THAT!  So doing that this year.  Everyone in the house needs socks…CHECK.  One down three to go.

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Nov 30 2011

Paint Your Soul

The world is too broken for you to hide who you are.

You can express yourself in so many different ways…

When you were kid you could it all the time…get some fingerpaint and go! Paint unicorns or smiling families holding hands in front of a little house. 

As a grown up, it’s not so easy.

Saw this thing on Oprah’s network OWN…called Soul Pancake.  Encouraging adults to express who they are.  Had high expectations…thought it would be more spiritual.

They asked you to describe your soul…who you are by painting….it was like finger painting for adults.

The picked people off the street, put them in a white studio in front of a window and let them paint whatever they felt like…supposed to be what was in their soul.

Some people scribbled, others put dots, trees, one guy made a car.  Looked life fun, like being a kid again. Wonder how you would have expressed yourself…your soul. 

Wished it would have been deeper.  If all that’s on your soul is trees, scribbles, and a car…as an adult sounds like trouble.

If they would have picked me…I would have confidently walked up to that window, dipped my fingers in red paint, and make a giant cross. 

Without that big red cross...that Jesus died on….I am nothing.  My soul would be empty. 

But, with that cross, you are everything.  You are forgiven, you are new, you are restored.

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