Nov 15 2011

When the Life you live is not the Life you planned

Maybe you too were inspired by the interview with Gabby and Mark Giffords last night on 20/20.  So many moments of the special moved me to tears. 

Mark told the story of his wife, a Congresswoman, fought back after being shot in the head.  The moments that I’ll never forget…


He knew his wife would fight her way back, and at the beginning he fought for her.  He put a sign on the door to her hospital room for visitors that said “no crying”.

He was so sure she would beat the odds he put his Purple Heart on her bed. 

She wore both of their wedding rings on her finger and some of her first movements were playing with those rings, taking them on and off. 

Her mother said when she heard the news that her daughter had been shot, she literally heard the voice of God say to her, “Be Still and Know that I am God.”

You think about the things that you are going through right now…a crumbling relationship, money problems, you think life as you know is over.  Think of Gabby. 

It’s a powerful  lesson in reclaiming your life. 

If Gabby can fight back and learn how to walk again and speak again, I can be a single mom with 3 kids under 5. 

The ultimate moment last night was when  they showed home video of Gabby working with a speech therapist trying to put the right word with the right object.  She called a chair…a spoon…she started to say the words boo-hoo she was trying to cry.  She broke down.  The therapist held her and they started to sing “This Little Light of Mine…I’m going to let it shine.” 

If Gabby can do it, you can do it. 

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Nov 14 2011

Color it Rainbow

I don't know about you, but I am too comfortable in routine.  I joke that every day in my life is like the movie "Groundhog Day", sometimes if feels like life is stuck on repeat.  Breakfast, Work, Gym, Dinner, Homework Time, Bath Time, Bed Time, Repeat.  

And when something gets in the way of that routine, I admit I do not respond well.  Over the weekend I was in a hurry to get my kids out the door, but my 5 year old daughter, Emily didn't care. She was coloring.  She doesn't just color things pink or purple, she colors them "rainbow".  That's a primary color to her.  I love that.  

I stopped hurrying and let her finish her "rainbow" dress on the princess picture of the day.  As I watched her I thought, "why not color my life rainbow."  Instead of using the same color all the time of black and brown.  Try indigo and violet.   Take a different route to work.  Try new things.  Learn something new. 

Get unstuck.  Wake up.  We get so stuck in our routine, our closed little world of work and church, and closet full of beige sweaters and black flats.  We're so busy trying to fill some kind of role, we're dying inside from boredom.  I lived that life of trying to be the perfect wife and stay at home mom.  I know.  Mine imploded, and then came the rainbow.

I don't know about you, but I want less beige, and more rainbow.  I'll be going through my closet tonight.

Tell me what new thing you want to do to get unstuck...

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