Dec 07 2011

We All Do It...

Pearl Harbor by K-LOVE Radio

You can get so distracted with your own schedule, your problems, you forget a day like today…and what it means.

It was surprise, defeat, and the rise of common purpose from ashes.

Today is the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor

I think younger generations didn’t understand this day until 9-11 another attack on American Soil…to know what we went through on that day…makes you understand what America went through then.

2,400 Americans died that day, and the generation of ordinary citizens… picked up Pearl Harbor’s fallen flag and fought to victory in World War II.

What a great example…they rose from the ashes.  You may not understand what it feels like to go through a war, but you probably understand what it feels like to all of a sudden find your life in a pile of ashes, and to decide to rise. 

So maybe you could pause today from your shopping and Christmas Card addressing and send a card to our troops fighting the war now. 

You can do that through the American Red Cross at

It’s called Holiday Mail for Heroes.


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Dec 06 2011

Choosing to Live

Maybe you’ve thought this too:  “if only I could really live the life that I want, “If only I didn’t have so many setbacks that limit me.”
Here’s a story about a woman who is not letting those setbacks limit what she wants out of life.
She’s 37 and has tried everything to have a baby.  Several months ago, when going in for fertility treatments she found out she had breast cancer, and had to put her dream for a baby on the back burner again. She had a lumpectomy, but that didn’t get all the cancer.
Now she’s facing, more intense treatment, that could mean pushing having a baby back even more years.
She’s a well known person, she’s an entertainment reporter and anchor on E!  Giuliana Rancic, is not letting this stop her.  You don’t have to let your setbacks stop you either.   She decided to do something radical and have a double mastectomy.
She said, "In the end, all it came down to was just choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life."

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