Dec 02 2011

O Christmas Tree?

Maybe you’ve said this too…it seemed like a good idea at the time…yeah…

You know what it feels like to go to one of those places where you can cut down your own Christmas Tree…and like the Griswalds you forgot the saw…

Well..tried to avoid that type of incident this year…but really wanted to get a real tree.  But with 3 little kids didn’t think I could get it on the car in the house on my own.

So, did what any self respecting minivan driving suburban mother would do…ordered it online…having it delivered.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

It’s still not here.  Every day…they ask…is today the day we get our tree?  The ornaments are waiting…the lights are wadded up in tangled mess…just waiting…

I need like a GPS tracker for this tree…like that NORAD app that tracks Santa on his sleigh on Christmas Eve…

Maybe you have had the pleasure of teaching a 5 and 3 year old patience…they look at you like…you’re speaking like the teacher in the Charlie Brown Christmas special…whah whah whah whah

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Dec 01 2011

The 4 Presents of Christmas

It all feels so excessive…

Don’t know about you, but I find myself longing for a simpler Christmas…

It just feels like there is such need…and my family has such excess.  Heard my pastor say that if you have a car…you already have more than 90% of the world.  Living in America it’s hard to understand that fact.

Want to teach my kids that before they come up with their list of what they want…to make a list of what they can give. 

Karen posted this think on my blog about what her family does every year to not give into the excess…I think you might like it too. 

Each child gets 4 presents.

1.    Something they want

2.    Something they need

3.    Something to wear

4.    Something to read

LOVE THAT!  So doing that this year.  Everyone in the house needs socks…CHECK.  One down three to go.

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