Nov 23 2011

No Medal for Coping

In life you have joy, you have pain, you have love, you have loss.  All of it is still worth living through. All of it brings you closer to God.

Don’t know about you, but I too often judge a book by it’s cover.  Surfing through the tv the other night…stopped on an interview with Meredith Vierra, who just left the Today show…and sitting next to her was….well a weird looking guy. 

As I listened realized it was her husband.  He suffers from MS…has for a few decades.   Didn’t know that.  He is well known journalist, Richard Cohen. 

When asked why Meredith gave up one of the top jobs in her field, it was assumed that she did because of her husband’s failing health.  They say that’s not true. 

Although in a lot of pain, he’s fine.  He’s actually in some of the best health he has been in, and that’s why she decided to leave.  To live life to the fullest, together, while they still could. 

Her husband said,

“You get one shot at life.  There is no medal for coping.  Your friends and your family are the best part.  Keep your eye on the prize.”

That got me.  Sitting on my couch while folding laundry, not to complain how hard things are, how alone I might feel, how tired I am.  There's no medal, no badge of honor, for that.  I will be thankful this year for how God has gotten me through it all, never leaving my side, holding my hand.  

He does for you too.

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Nov 22 2011

Get Out of Jail Free Card

They say there’s “no place like home.”  Maybe that’s the way you feel and you can’t wait to get there for Thanksgiving.  Or maybe you’re nervous about going home.

There’s no one who knows you better than your family. That can be a good thing, and then it can be a tough thing because they know it all…the successes and the failures. 

Read this from the Daily Word today and it encouraged me: 

“Whatever the current dynamic in your family…remain open and willing to love unconditionally.  If there is disharmony or strife, bring those concerns to prayer.  Acknowledge your own role and has for God’s help to guide you.  Act in wise ways with love and understanding. 

Even when you don’t understand everyone’s actions or attitudes, you can see your family as children of God, expressions of God’s love.”

So whether it’s something you’ve done and you’re nervous to face your family, or maybe someone has done something to you and you haven’t been able to let it go. 

Maybe this year you can let it go.  God does for you and for them. 

Sit down and play monopoly together and give everyone a “Get out of Jail Free” card.

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