Nov 21 2011

Identity Shift "OMO"

It's not that bad after all to go out to a restaurant to eat on your own.  


Maybe you’ve been through an identity shift in your life.  Maybe it’s when you become an empty-nester, or you go back to work after staying at home with the kids.  Maybe you move and start a new school and you get to be something else. 



Had one of those quiet weekends and my house…the sunshines, my kids, when to be with their Dad for Thanksgiving, and I found myself in the quiet.  At first it was really uncomfortable, I started turning on tv’s and radios, I needed noise. 


I realized, the need to discover who you are on your own.  Away from the roles you play in life.  Away from spouse.  Away from parent, even away from friend.  To learn just how to be on your own.  To go to dinner on your own.  To go to a movie on your own.  Got a new term for these times.  OMO...or on my own.


After about an hour of creating noise in my home, I decided to go out to breakfast and enjoy the quiet.   To Be Still as God says. 


Turns out, I kind of like creating this new identity,  I could learn something new.  Maybe I’ll learn how to play the piano or something, or just sleep.


Couple benefits of OMO lifestyle I'm learning...the house stays clean, and I get to carry a much smaller purse.


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Nov 19 2011


Maybe you’ve had one of those…take your breath away…fleeting moments of pure fear and panic...everything is okay, but for a moment it wasn’t.

Had one of those last night.

Typical routine at my house, before I go to bed I peek in the kid’s room and check on them.  I tiptoe into baby Zoe’s room and peek into the crib, if I’m brave enough, I’ll lean down and kiss her cheek.

Than into the big kid’s room that they share…looked at my 5 year old, Emily, the only time she is ever still, sleeping on her unicorn pillow pet…

And then Andy…where’s Andy?  Rip off the comforter…no Andy…look in his sister’s bed again…no Andy.  Look in my bed…NO ANDY…panicking running through the house now…checking closets and cabinets NO ANDY…wondering can he unlook the door? Would he have snuck outside? 

Ran back upstairs to do a second check…look under the bunk beds… 

Andy…curled up with the dust and his security blanket.  SIGH OF RELIEF! 

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