Nov 18 2011

Raising Kids like a Man

Turns out they do know a thing or two about raising kids… 

Maybe you’ve done this too…especially women…you think the guys can’t do it as well.  Just saying the truth…

Instead of empowering the guys and encouraging them to spend more time with family…women can make them feel inadequate…by giving them way too many instructions…and then guys never want to help again.

They do it their way anyway, especially carpool.  It’s different , but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  If women criticize the way they do it, they’ll never help again.

Saw this thing written by a Stay at Home Dad, and how he took the kids to the grocery store…the bane of my existence. 

Here’s how this guy does it:  He doesn’t spend more than 15 minutes in any store…it takes me 15 minutes just to get in the store.   He puts the kids in the front of the car cart…and flies down the aisles while the kids yell FASTER DADDY FASTER! 

His record is $71 worth of groceries in 11 minutes…and that was going back for peanut butter.

If I am going to make up for not having Dad around all the time for my kids…gotta give them less pampering and more adventure. 

I doubt many moms have experienced how those car carts handle at high speeds…I think I’m about too...who cares what people think…

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Nov 18 2011

You're not "just a..."

Maybe there’s a time in your life that you got “a case of the justa’s”…for example…I’m just a kid…or I’m just a mom…what difference can I make.

Saw this story about Rachel.  She went to a meeting about Haiti…and found out that children there were so hungry that they ate cookies made of mud and so poor that they slept in houses made of cardboard. 

After hearing that she didn’t just want to help, she HAD to help.  She didn’t let all the other things she had to do, or any limitations in her life stop her from having bake sales, asking for donations at homecoming, and selling her own homemade potholders.   She talked about it on her Facebook page and through word of mouth a cherry farm in Washington sent her their proceeds from a harvest. 

In 3 years she collected more than $250,000 and has built 27 homes in Haiti. 

Rachel is 12 years old.  She started this when she was 9 after her mom, took her to the meeting. 

You’re not just a kid…or just a mom…you’re a human being that can make a difference. 

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