Nov 08 2011

It's Time To Graduate Jr. High

We never seem to fully graduate from junior high.

Remember when you always had someone that you were “mad at?"  It was like a list that you kept.  Mine was almost as long as my bangs. 

Usually that person used to be your BFF, and they looked at your boyfriend wrong, so then you were mad at them.

We’d like to think that we grew up, but we’re all really stuck in 7th grade.

Heard this at church over the weekend.


"If you want to represent Jesus to the world and you have unforgiveness in your life then you’re doing it in an unforgiving way.  That doesn’t work."


No wonder people don’t like church.  I once heard someone say that God has a PR problem because we’re all going around saying things about him that aren’t true.

I wanted to truly know Jesus and make him known but I have people in my life that I need to forgive. Those that hurt me when my marriage ended.  I literally fell on my knees and prayed, "Lord, help me to forgive them."  

Maybe you’ve got a situation like that too in your life, someone you could let go of being mad at and forgive.

To fully understand how much God loves you and forgives you, you have to pick someone in your life who has hurt you then forgive them and love them anyway.  It's not going to be easy, but that is why we rely on God.

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Nov 07 2011

Do What You Like to do Best

When you get to the end of your life you want to be able to look back and say, “I did what I loved to do, I did it well, I loved and served others, I represented God well.” 

Thought about that when I saw this special about Andy Rooney last night.  He passed away at 92, over the weekend. 

He was kind of beloved curmudgeon, a commentator that had the last word on 60 minutes.  

But, what got me was when he was asked, “If you had to live your life over again what would you do?”

He said, "I'd be on television, I’d get on 60 Minutes if I could and I'd do a piece every week of my own.  I'd write it and I'd say it.  And that's what I like to do best."  

Wonder what you would say if you got asked that question.  I hope I would have the same kind of answer.  I wouldn’t change anything.  Yes, there have been mistakes, things that I wish wouldn’t have happened, but I’m doing what I like to do best.

When my marriage had ended, and I thought my life had ended, I had a friend say to me, you know Amanda, you only get one trip around the block in this life, make it count.  You might trip on a few cracks along the way, but you gotta keep going.  Do what you love to do best and if in the process you can know God, and make Him known.  That's a powerful legacy, and you don't even have to be on 60 minutes to make that happen.

Tell me what you like to do best and how you serve God by doing it!


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