Nov 02 2011

Facing Fear with a Little Help

Amanda Carroll "Facing Your Fear" by K-LOVE Radio

“I don’t run for time or place or anything, I just run because I love it, and I’m glad I can share my love of running with Chloe now,” says Sami, a junior at Lexington High School who’s on the junior varsity cross country team. “I love having Chloe. She’s helped me so much.” Now in her fourth year running cross country, Sami won a waiver from the state high school athletic association that allows her to compete with a dog. “There is still a little element of being terrified you’re going to fall flat on your face,” Sami says. “She’s given me a lot more confidence in my running.”

Blind teen keeps on running, thanks to guide dog. TODAY


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Nov 01 2011

Take an Eraser to your Calendar

I don’t know about your weekends, but it seems this time of year it’s very rare to find a weekend without any events or things on the calendar.   I think it’s time to just use an eraser!

Tell me some of your favorite “free time” activities to do with your family on my Facebook Page.

This past weekend was one of the busiest.  Don’t get me wrong I love to go and do things with my kids, but when it involves large crowds, lots of candy and bounce houses, I think of yelling, too much sugar, and then upset stomachs. 

Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I tend to turn the opposite direction as everyone else. 

So instead of doing the fall party thing we went on a bike ride in something called “nature”.

I have this thing called the “bike train”.  Here’s how we roll with 3 kids 5 and under and just mom.  We have mom’s bike,  junior seat trailing behind, and then attached the junior seat a double bike trailer for the little ones.  We have a blast.

All together we rolled 12 miles.  The best part was we weren’t in a hurry.  We didn’t have anything else to do or places to go.  We stopped when we saw a park, and even stopped to watch the ducks. 

We just sat there tossing stuff into a creek, feeding the ducks, and teaching baby Zoe how to “quack”.  

Love this thing called Free Time.  I realized instead of waiting for an open spot on the calendar, I have to create it.   I need to remove things that don’t bring us peace, and bring us closer together. 


Try this.  Take an eraser to your calendar.   Create some free time.  Share with me what you plan to do with that free time, here or on my Facebook Page.

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