Sep 30 2011

Music I Love

Check out some of the music that I've been listening to, including "Waiting Here For You" by Christy Nockels and "Take Me Into The Beautiful" by Cloverton. What are some your favorites on K-LOVE?

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10/1/2011 10:14:20 AM
Craig Barton United States
Craig Barton
Amanda today I heard your story about the fish that gave his scales so other fish could also be beautiful and that this led to you and your girls sharing a granola bar with a homeless after day I am amazed by your ability to my dear are a blessing to us all.  Keep strong through all of lifes stuggles as he truly does bring us close through adversity and know that every day that your sharing does not go un-noticed. God Bless and keep up God's work!
10/1/2011 4:33:16 PM
Janae United States
I love both of those songs too! My husband Chris is a huge fan of both songs even more than me. Cloverton is awesome!
10/6/2011 6:54:54 AM
Todd M. Pittenger United States
Todd M. Pittenger
I love the song "Strongr", by Mandisa, because it has such a powerful message of hope and encouragement.  It is my fiancee and I's theme song in life, because, in August of this year, we were going through a really tough personal time for us, but, Listening to that song, brought us up, nad gave us the strength to carry on and live our life for him, as well as for each other.
10/6/2011 7:16:58 AM
Dana United States
Take Me Into The Beautiful, Waiting here for You, and my all time favorite now is Forever Reign by ONe Sonic Society!
I'm running to Your arms, I'm running to Your arms, nothing compares to Your embrace, light of the world by darkness slain!
I believe that's rightSmile
10/7/2011 12:56:35 PM
Judy Solis United States
Judy Solis
I ask a friend I need a church, he said come visit ours, it's new, small but the message is powerful. Pastor Mike & his wife Suzette will set you on fire, with the word & praise for Jesus.
My life, black & negative is now shining & positive. Its funny when I think about it, that some see me as a threat (my husband) my marriage of 30 yrs isn't a marriage he's even threaten by listening to K-love. If he uses my car he change the station, if I'm listening to you on my phone when I cooking, cleaning or washing clothes...he hears it & leaves the room but the best is that others are totally drawn towards the LOVE.
I'm truly blessed. My 6 yr g-daughter Juliana (Juls) is w/me a lot of the time. Her mom, my daughter & her dad got separated earlier this year.  They were never married, Juls didn't know that...Juls is very intelligent for her age but emotional turmoil hit her hard. You known how they say children are very perceptive to all things going around them. We became closer when she sensed the changes in me. The music, bible, church, positive comments instead of hurtful, I just would say I'll pray for them, so she listens & hears now she says that to everyone, "I'll pray for you!" or "Let's prayer for them." She asked can I go to church with you Yaya. Sure, I told her & the 1st time was...WOW! She stayed with me in the main church instead of going to the children center & my little sponge started to soak up the word, the praise, the prayers, and the music. Questions, explanations, because she was previously attending a catholic school, the differences in a Christian service were there for her to hear & see. She asked me to teach her how to follow verses in the bible, so I went to buy her one that I thought would be understandable for her age. She loves it because she shares it w/my other g-daughter Danyelle (Dany) who is 3. But during service she pulls my bible out & listens to pastor, as soon as he mentions the book, passage & verse, she'll find it & start reading, ready to follow his explanation. She bubbles over, tells everyone about Jesus, she even reminds me when I get upset, discouraged, & ill. It's beautiful, "I'll pray for you" or "we'll pray for them"! Every weekend, are we going to church Yaya? Let's ask mom, uncle (my son), can Dany come? Soon, it'll be that we all stand together for Jesus.
I listen to k-love every chance I get. You guys, the music, everything about K-love bought me back what I should have never left...a beautiful, fulfilling, LOVING relationship with JESUS CHRIST!
I listen to every song word for word, if I don't understand, I get the lyrics, read over them, let the Holy Spirit fills my heart w/what it means in my life. I have playlists setup on You-Tube of the K-love songs w/lyrics. Juls was singing a praise song & says "Yaya this one they sang at church!" She gets my phone & search’s for it w/lyrics, starts singing her little heart out! I ask her what it means, so she tells me what it means to HER, again, WOW! It's different but the same through a child heart, ears & eyes! I support K-Love w/what I'm able to this year & Jesus will bless us all more for next year. How can I not support the Holy Spirit through K-Love...what it's done for me & my g-babies, with every song I share w/everyone who needs a positive push. Keep doing the Lord's work; bring more of his people back to him! Thanking you with my whole heart. Continued Blessing to all of you who make this possible in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen.
10/8/2011 9:01:45 AM
Richard Rhodes United States
Richard Rhodes

I can not tell you how much I find myself really listening to your story. My wife has decided to start a new life with someone else. It has been a amazing journy for me. God has kept me and continues to guid my life that he has planned for me. Your story touchs my heart deeply and I pray for you and your children. I ask maybe you would pray for me and my children. I am able to have them as much as I can and I give this glory to God. Would like to hear more of your story sometime and know you and yours are in our prayers.

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