Oct 20 2011

It happens every day

You have a friend, a mother, a sister, a grandmother that has got this news.  “You have breast cancer”.  

Saw this story with Breast Cancer Awareness Month going on about a woman who was going in for fertility treatments when her doctor said, you know maybe would should have an early mammogram. 

They found something.  She’s only 37.   She was going to wait until 40 to get tested.  Now instead of celebrating that great news that she’s going to have a baby she was one of 8 women that got the news that she has breast cancer.

Instead of planning a theme and decorating a nursery in her home she is undergoing surgery this week and will then have 6 weeks of radiation therapy.  

I love her perspective through it all though.  Dealing with infertility (a miscarriage and a failed in vitro attempt) and now breast cancer that puts her dreams on hold. 

She’s doing it all in public.  She’s an E! News anchor, Guiliana Rancic.  She married the guy from the First Apprentice, Bill Rancic

And in the public eye she says, “I still want this baby because this baby has saved my life I truly feel God was looking out after me if I had gotten pregnant later down the line, I could have been a lot sicker."

Got a call from Taryn, a mom that is living with breast cancer gives us some amazing perspective...

BREAST CANCER CALL  breast cancer taryn :27   

Tell me about a "perspective" moment in your life.


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10/20/2011 8:39:25 AM
Demi United States
I am 16 years old and even though I do not have Breast Cancer I understand feeling the dread of hearing something that you thought you will never have. I have lost two friends to Cancer. Even though people say they have lost, they didn't. They are now in Heaven where there is no more pain and no more tears and I will see them again.
   For Encouraging those going through any kind of Cancer never lose hope in God. God wants us to depend on Him through everything!!!. In Philippians 4:13 "I can do all thing through Christ which gives me strength". My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalm 37:4:"Delight in the Lord and HE WILL give you the desires of your heart".
   God knows what is best for us to help others see Him and to Strengthen us in so many ways. May God Bless you all and I'll pray for you. Thank the Good Lord for what He has done. Smile
10/20/2011 9:07:23 AM
Sarah Coleman United States
Sarah Coleman
My Aunt just died of cancer about a half hour ago. In the mid-90s she had breast cancer and went through a mastectomy. Last year, cancer resurfaced in her throat and traveled to her lymph nodes. Please, encourage your listeners to keep going to cancer screenings, esspecially when it's in recession!
10/20/2011 10:24:35 AM
carrie wyatt United States
carrie wyatt
If you think the barbies or dolls they play with lack modesty, try to find a halloween costume that doesnt show ALOT of skin.  What happened to stawberry shortcake, rainbow bright.  Now it is just cheerleaders or sexy vixens.  I took this as a good opportunity to talk about modest, once again, with my 11 year old daughter.  I guess it is everywhere.  Let keep our armor on!!!
10/20/2011 3:19:47 PM
Stephanie United States
While cancers are one of the most challenging experiences a person can face, the treatments are improving and becoming more effective--- especially if caught EARLY! SO, it is vital that people do their regular checkups and FIND a way to do it if insurance doesn't cover certain tests.. As a society, we HAVE to learn to take care of each other. I am a natural medicine practitioner near NY and I believe GOD gives me the courage and fortitude to help the patients I see. But, practitioners MUST take the TIME and REALLY listen to their patients. It is one of my peeves about medicine today! Docs don't LISTEN.... SO, I ask people to please do their preventive care tests and regular checkups, AND that practitioners DO THEIR JOB and take care of the patients that entrust their lives to them!!!! We have to find a way to see GOD in medicine too, since HE is the ultimate Healer!
Thanks, Amanda, for your wonderful time on air... You are so cool, and your stories MAKE MY DAYS on my way to work with quite ill people all day! GOD Bless...
10/21/2011 8:47:51 AM
Dana United States
Even though I'm almost 15, I already know quite a few people with breast cancer or a type of cancer. They all have been faithful and hopeful. God has really used them in my life and I'm thankful for that. Also, my grandmother died of a type of cancer and that was the hardest for all of us. She was the best Grammy I could ever ask for and I miss her so dearly but I know God has it in His Hands. I miss you Grammy! "I can do ALL thing through Christ who give me strength."
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