Nov 19 2011


Maybe you’ve had one of those…take your breath away…fleeting moments of pure fear and panic...everything is okay, but for a moment it wasn’t.

Had one of those last night.

Typical routine at my house, before I go to bed I peek in the kid’s room and check on them.  I tiptoe into baby Zoe’s room and peek into the crib, if I’m brave enough, I’ll lean down and kiss her cheek.

Than into the big kid’s room that they share…looked at my 5 year old, Emily, the only time she is ever still, sleeping on her unicorn pillow pet…

And then Andy…where’s Andy?  Rip off the comforter…no Andy…look in his sister’s bed again…no Andy.  Look in my bed…NO ANDY…panicking running through the house now…checking closets and cabinets NO ANDY…wondering can he unlook the door? Would he have snuck outside? 

Ran back upstairs to do a second check…look under the bunk beds… 

Andy…curled up with the dust and his security blanket.  SIGH OF RELIEF! 

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11/19/2011 1:02:48 PM
Nina Peachey United States
Nina Peachey
I have had several scares like that over the years. I have always meant to write to you ever since you got there.I am a single mom of older kids. I have been separated for 3 yrs and we are just getting around to a divorce. It is coming up.
He is controlling and emotionally abusive, also a Pastor. It has been a long hard ride but God is so faithful and your stories bring a smile because I have been there, did some childcare in my home and worked at daycare centers and am studying now for degree in elem ed and special ed. I just love children and should have finished this degree 30 yrs ago. I am 52 yrs old.Thanks for what you do!
11/19/2011 11:12:21 PM
candy United States
Even though I am sure you have already said "I'll never wed again" trust me there will be a man that will love not only you but also  your 3 sweet little ones. I know because I am with a wonderful man that was willing to become my husband and  was willing to accept my 3 sweet kids too. We blended a family of his mine and ours.We became a family of 7. Not to say it is always a easy journey but one that will truly make  your cup runneth over.
11/20/2011 7:19:12 PM
Rylee United States
what the heck that wasn't amanda at all. DUDE she said oh my god........totally fake and piece of crap. Frown disipointed u would have this showing. im surprise at you saying that. "oh my god" woww.
11/21/2011 10:07:58 AM
Donna Barden United States
Donna Barden
I didn't have my glasses on last night & thought I saw something on fire go past my window.  Just got a wood stove a few weeks ago and am still learning.  Flew out of bed, grabbed my glasses & thought for sure the back yard was on fire.  Never felt my heart beat so fast!  And I'm the one who requested "move" since I was running a half marathon 11/12.  Ran it in 2:12:03 & never had my heart rate get to what it was in those 30 seconds last night LOL!
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