Dec 08 2011

O Christmas Tree, You Have Arrived

As you grow up…you start to realize that not everything has to be or will ever be perfect. 

Maybe you did this too when your just starting out in life you get so excited about decorating for Christmas, everything has to perfect, the tree is a showpiece with fragile ornaments, perfectly arranged. 

You show it off to anyone that comes over to the house.  Then you have a family and it all goes out the window. 

Realized that last night when our Christmas that I ordered online finally arrived.  The kids decorated the whole thing.  I just sat down and handed them candy canes, popcorn garland, and ornaments, and let them create their perfect tree. 

There’s one branch that has 8 candy canes on it, and you know what it’s the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen.

You just gotta resist the urge to rearrange it and make it perfect while they’re sleeping. 

Whether it’s your Christmas tree or your life…It’s in the mess that you find perfection.

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12/8/2011 8:27:25 AM
Anna United States
Beautifully said.... It is in the mess, that we find perfection.  We often worry about fixing things that honestly, are fine just the way they are.   Thanks for sharing.
12/8/2011 8:34:11 AM
Sidney Clark United States
Sidney Clark
We have always had the tradition of the children decorating the tree in our family.  We would setup the tree and put the lights on, and the kids would hang all the ornaments and other decorations. This year, the tree will not only be a result of the kids' creativity, but it will serve as another reminder to me how great my kids are when they are with their mom and my first christmas morning without them.  

I will cherish the 2011 version of the family christmas tree more than any other.
12/8/2011 8:44:36 AM
Amber United States
I am so thankful that God continually shows me that my hope is in Him, all the day long (ps love the Aaron Shust song). I can be used by Him, but it is not up to me to do something great, instead I only have to trust and follow hard after Him!  I love Josh Wilson's song "Jesus is Alive", it just says it all! My heart is being prepared for true worship by the beautiful stories these songs tell of God's word!  Thank you KLOVE!
12/8/2011 9:45:08 AM
Willie in CT United States
Willie in CT
I heard you tell this story on the air while I was out running errands. Really enjoyed it. Smile

My Wife and I have no children, so our tree remains fully decorated in storage. Each year, all we have to do is bring it upstairs, put it on the table, and plug it in. We're all done in just 90 seconds! ;) "No muss, no fuss, it's Christmas!" Smile Then, taking it down is just as quick... all set and ready for next year! ;)
12/8/2011 11:44:39 AM
Cassie United States
What a great example of God's love.  We come to him, imperfect messes and it is in this state that His perfect love is revealed!
12/8/2011 11:50:36 AM
Sandy United States
Dear Amanda,
I love to hear you talk about your children and the challenges and rewards of your life as a single mom.  You do make me cry most days with the sincerity and honesty in the stories you share.  God bless you and all the KLOVE team.
12/8/2011 1:08:53 PM
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Pamela Elaine Lockridge

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12/9/2011 3:28:07 AM
Rayna United States
What a perfect tree. God's love is perfect, and when you let that into your traditions, you can have beautiful trees and warm memories. Love it!

Through God's love and boundless grace, this has been a wonderful season for my family. I remarried my children's father this past September, and we have all enjoyed the family reunion. And our Christmas tree is quite different, which seems fitting for a new start, our second chance.

Usually, our tree is very lovely, with bows and apples, sentimental (and breakable) ornaments. For a short time this October, I was worried about our tree - see, in June, my children's father had decided to let the kids have a kitten... And kittens climb trees. I didn't want to spend our entire Christmas season fussing at the cat, chasing her out of the tree, and picking up broken ornaments.

My solution? Garland and shatterproof balls. The kitten had a big time knocking them off the tree as fast as we put them on! She's smooshed some branches, and there are only five or six balls left on the tree, and it's beautiful. We all get a kick out of watching the cat knock our tree topper down, or scamper up and down through the branches. It's the most perfect tree we've had.

Jesus is the reason, and we're taking small steps to appreciate Him, and avoid the stress that so often comes in December.

12/9/2011 10:33:18 AM
Kevin United States
Because you let them decorate it... it becomes the most perfect it can be. It will not look like becomes unique with they're signature!
Just like you and your children...
May God watch over you all...
12/9/2011 12:19:16 PM
Jessica United States
Praise God.  Absolutely perfectly stated.  My daughter is now 10 years old, but now in recent years have let her decorate her tree.  It's different now, it's what it should have always been.  LORD, PLEASE GRANT ME A HEART, MIND, AND SPIRIT TO RECEIVE ZERO SELFISHNESS FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. AMEN!!!!
12/12/2011 7:36:29 PM
vivian United States
You are a great Mom, Amanda!
Your kids are precious Smile
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