Jan 11 2012

What Defines You

You know how when you meet someone new or at a party…they ask so what do you do for a living…you tell them about your job, or your family…but your thinking inside, there’s gotta be more than that!

What defines you?

It could be your job, the fact that you are a parent, or maybe it’s the things you own like a car you love or your home. 

The problem is what happens when you loose it.  Lose your job, kids grow up and move out, then what?

When you define who you are with what you do for a living, or the objects that you own, it’s temporary, your identity is fragile.

I saw where Entertainment News Reporter Guiliana Rancic is undergoing a redefinition of who she is after having breast cancer, and a double mastectomy . 

She works in Hollywood where your body defines you, and now part of it is gone.  She said that some people told her that this surgery could have put her job in jeopardy.  Her response was, “if my job was defined by my body and gorgeous gowns then I’m in the wrong business.”

She went on to explain that having gone through this experience she sees religion in a new light   She and her husband Bill, had always prayed on their own, but now they praying together.

She has learned that your job, your things, your body are temporary, and if you let them define, your setting yourself up for loss and great disappointment.  The only thing permanent, the only thing that defines you, is if you have a relationship with God.

What He says about you matters.  When you believe in Jesus, He calls you His child, your sins are forgiven, He doesn’t hold your past against you, He doesn’t count up all the things you’ve done wrong

The bible says, He is enthralled with your beauty, and rejoices over you with singing, not because of what you look like or do for a living, just the way you are.

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1/11/2012 9:30:00 AM
Bob Santos United States
Bob Santos
Amanda, I happened to be listening online this afternoon and heard you talking about identity. Thank you for your excellent thoughts! I don't think we give this issue nearly enough attention in Christian circles--our quest for significance impacts just about everything we do. Our ministry produced an extensive small group study on this topic. Anyone is free to listen to the audio version online at: http://searchforme.wordpress.com/audio/
1/11/2012 9:30:37 AM
Cheryl Fenn United States
Cheryl Fenn
It is a tribute to God that this woman has been changed and strengthened in faith by this experience.  Many people, even some that claim faith in God, would be devastated and depressed to have something like this happen to them.  But the example here is that God is bigger than what we look like.  God loves us for our relationship with Him, and He is faithful.  What an amazing testimony
!  Praise God for this!
1/11/2012 10:12:23 AM
Amber Low United States
Amber Low
This is something that I completely understand.  By the world's standards, I have wasted my intelligence and education by choosing to work in a grocery store instead of pursuing a medical degree. They don't understand why I would choose a job where I'm making at least 4x less than what I would in the medical field!  It's not easy to explain to an unbeliever that this is where God wants me!  Even though the world may not understand, I know that God is pleased with my obedience and, for me, "it is well with my soul!"  
1/12/2012 11:52:55 AM
gary martin United States
gary martin
hi i i pray lord bless you and radio station and  family alway kepp faith i love music way you all people love
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