Jan 12 2012

Speak life and possibility

You probably have both of these kinds of people in your life.  The ones that complain about everything, and the ones that seem to find the bright side in every circumstance. 

A friend of mine said his new years resolution is to “speak life and possibility” into people’s lives.  I love that.  I think it starts at home.

Every night as a part of the bedtime routine with the kids I tell them what I am “most proud of them for” that day. Maybe it’s playing nicely with their siblings, or helping Mommy put away the groceries.  

For as much time as they spend in Time Out, they need me to tell them what they are good at too. 

I think, once we speak life and possibility into the lives of our children, they speak it into the lives of their friends, and the lives of their children, and their Grandchildren. 

If you’re searching for significance in your life, there it is right there.  It’s not about making a million dollars so you can give 10 percent of it away.  It’s about speaking life and possibility into the lives of the people that God puts in your path.  You’re his Good Will Ambassador at school, at work, in your car.

If you really want to change the way the world sees God, then more people hear the words, “I believe in you.” instead of “You’re not good enough.”

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1/12/2012 9:22:04 AM
Kayla United States
“Pull those we love close and speak words of true love and grace to them every chance we get (from Scott & Kelli’s blog 01/04).” Thanks K-LOVE. You pull me closer to God and the ones I love every single day. You make the world a beautiful place.
1/12/2012 11:24:57 AM
Amy Saunders United States
Amy Saunders
Thank you Amanda I realy needed to hear this I have had a crazy day;
1/12/2012 1:22:51 PM
Abraham J. Reyes United States
Abraham J. Reyes
Thanks Amanda,
Speak life and possibilities starts with God all things are possible. The sky is the limit. As my nephew showed me at fours old. Watching television, why is he falling down and getting up? Then I saw the football game on and the running back being tackled, and he'd fall and get up. To him that was exciting. It's when I took him jogging and on the third lap he kind of fell down, I ran back to see why he let himself down. As soon as I got to him, he got up and ran as hard as he could. The closer I got he would act like he fell down again. The thing was, I was on the track field and some lady was on the track also. I was laughing at his playfullness. At four years old. Now he's six foot one or two ans loves to exercise. Especially with those with out Dad's or Mom's or both to see that God loves them still and to get that love and reinforcement early in life. Learn to share rather than fight.
1/12/2012 2:08:03 PM
amanda mckinney United States
amanda mckinney
I want to help spread the word, ive always had a pasion to make a difrence in the lifes of our children for they are our future i want to make a dif. ive never beleived in the lord and he recently came to me and i'm searchimg for anyway i can reach out and make a difrence even if its in just one life,i beleive it would make a dif in 10 lifes..
i woke up and wrote this just a few days after the lord came to me. I came to live,to love,to shine from above,to help to beleive in the heavens and angels that fill my heart with love.

everyday i am stronger,everyday i am happier everyday i am beautifuland every day i live one day at a time

in peace and happiness and my only wish is wishing i could take my sons pain away.

i came to live,to love,to shine above to help to belive in the heavens and angels that fill my heart with love.

he has taken all my pain and suffering away, i have no more reason to live each day in misery behind drugs and booze only wanting to fall aseepp each day never to a
wake up. today i want to live and everyday i wake up happy to live for him.
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