Feb 06 2012

Your Second Half

Here's what I learned from watching the Super Bowl:

Kelly Clarkson can SING

What a Safety is,

Hyundai’s think they are as fast as a Porsche 

Chevy Truck will help me survive the Apocalypse

Sing good and get a Pepsi

Even Madonna can hardly walk in high heeled boots

I learned how to deal with disappointment from a guy that got cut from the Patriots the night before the Super Bowl.

Clint Eastwood reminded me that, “We find a way through the tough times, and if we can’t find a way than we’ll make one.” 

Tiquan Underwood

The night before the biggest game of his life, The Super Bowl, he was cut from the New England Patriots.   The coach thought someone else would have done a better job.

He didn’t go to the media and complain, didn’t even put a negative thing on Facebook or Twitter, instead He wished the Patriots good luck.

Underwood tweeted:

His response is actually making him more well known than he would have been if he hadn’t gotten cut, just goes to show you how important it is to share your comeback story is. 


Clint Eastwood

Love the saying, “the only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself.”  My favorite moment of the Super Bowl was the Chrysler Commercial at halftime narrated by Clint Eastwood. 

It talked about America’s Second Half.  Encouraging all of us to come back from a tough economy. 

He said, “We find a way through the tough times, and if we can't find a way than we'll make one. All that matters now is what's ahead…how do we come from behind, how do we come together, and how do we win?



I cheered more at the end of this commercial than I did for when my team scored a touchdown.  I just wanted to chant GO USA!

Yes, there are tough times, but we’re tough people.  Whatever you are facing, you can find a way out. 

“Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with me.”  -Psalm 23:4

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2/6/2012 1:00:08 PM
Taren United States
I too was at first inspired by the Clint Eastwood commercial, but was then reminded by the rest of the group watching, that the car dealerships of Michigan that were bailed out with tax payers money, have yet to repay that money. They have not changed a thing about their company structure/ unions since needing to be bailed out and many of the factory workers are making 3x what teachers are making. This commercial had a lot of political undertones and I wish that the car dealerships didn't try to play on our emotions, rather would run companies fairly that actually did help the economy, rather than running their company into the ground and then trying to convince us they are with Americans.
2/7/2012 9:59:12 AM
daphne h duganne United States
daphne h duganne
Hey Amanda,

Couldn't help but hear your comment about Giselle's comments to the public after the Super Bowl game.  I don't agree with her responses that I read (the media) commented she had said, BUT in any case.  Watching the video also it showed Gisele walking to the elevator and being Taunted by Giants fans and media.  Actually screaming at her.  Gisele succombed to the inner human lashing out and saying things she shouldn't have.  I know I am guilty of that too as we all are.  She had alot of guts to stick up for her man..Tom Brady.  A nice looking man and wonderful athlete.
2/7/2012 10:01:12 AM
Ramanda Cornnor United States
Ramanda Cornnor
I would like to say yal are a blessing to me. I new to the christian world and im loving it. I thank GOD for yal the music yal play is a blessing. I listen all the time at home and in my car. So thank yal, and may GOD bless yal.
2/8/2012 9:30:48 AM
Michael Brown United States
Michael Brown
I love the thought that Tiquan Underwood is willing to show his light even in his darkness. Kudos to him, God will definitely let him shine. I love the fact that KLove covers stories like this and your DJ's and music has also inspired my life. I now have established a better relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Take care and God Bless!!! Smile
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