Feb 15 2012

From Forgotten to Unforgettable…

Wonder if you do this too, always root for the underdog.  Maybe we do that because we know how it feels, we all feel like an underdog during certain times in life.

If you’re feeling like that today, here’s some hope that you can overcome.  When you are broken and bruised, and your willing to get better, God can put you back together again.  like He did for Maverick,.

Maverick was neglected, mistreated, and even sold on Craiglist

A man rescued him, loved him, nursed him back to heath, and turned him into a triumph in 5 months.

Maverick made an appearance this week along side the most privileged and pampered dogs of the word at the Westminster Dog Show in New York.  Yes, Maverick is a dog. 

He didn’t win Best in Show, but he should definitely win most improved.

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Comments (3) -

2/15/2012 9:24:22 AM
Jennifer Andersen United States
Jennifer Andersen
I volunteer with Weimaraner Rescue of Texas and have two rescued Weims of my own.  I have seen what people do to Weims, for that matter, too many dogs.  Blessings on his owner for caring enough to rehabilitate and see Maverick's potential.  
2/15/2012 9:34:33 AM
Tara Coutts United States
Tara Coutts
I have a rescued Weim myself and what a beautiful girl she has turned into.  She was abused by a gray haired man so she doesn't really like and will bark at gray haired men but other than that she is so loving and has brought so much warmth and love to our house.  I am so happy to hear stories like this (not about the abused part) but there people out there that do truly care about all of Gods creatures.  Way to go with Maverick and yes your right he is already in winner. Smile
2/15/2012 9:37:34 AM
Summer United States
Yay!! Weimies are the best!! I have a 1/2 Weim 1/2 Chocolate Lab...she is so awesome...rescued her and my german shorthaired pointer...they are awesome.  I cannot wait to start my doggie rescue.  I just need like 5 acres, to graduate law school, and work like I have never worked before...it will all be worth it when I can rescue all the babies Smile. YAY!!
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