Mar 08 2012

Lock Down

You might to do this too.  You have a little routine before you go to bed at night.  I set my coffee maker for the morning, then go to every door to make sure it’s locked.  

It's probably because I live alone with my 3 kids.  Just the double check makes me feel safer.  

This morning, I read this in my daily devotional, Daily Word, and it hit home, hope you don't mind, I'd love to share it with you.  

"Security is more than knowing your doors are locked against intrusion. Security is the faith that God is greater than any threat."

Today's Encouraging Word proves that is true.  "The Lord is your light and salvation; do not be afraid, He is a fortess protecting your from danger."  Psalm 27:1

The devotional went onto say, "When you face what appear to be giants in your life, you can do so with faith and certainty. You are protected, safe and secure, every step of the way." 

I will still lock my doors at night, but I will do so remembering that God's greater than any threat that might try to break into our lives


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3/8/2012 12:02:00 PM
thank u.... i needed this... my oldest ran away over three months ago and has been threatening me and my other two kids... its brutal... i really needed this today!  i know where i need to be and i do pray for her but the angst of her causing us grief is so much to bear at times!
3/8/2012 2:31:18 PM
Linda United States
Spoken like a true believer! God will always turn it around for our good!
3/10/2012 10:00:56 AM
Violet Travilla United States
Violet Travilla
Thank you for posting that! I really need encouragement like that every now and then! You really brighten up my day!!!!Smile
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