Mar 09 2012


When everything you have known in life, when your safety net is gone...

Imagine loosing your job…and knowing your going to move, your packing up boxes, but you don’t know where to tell the moving to go. 

That’s going on for Peyton Manning…he was the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.  Now we know that money is obviously not a problem for his family, but what made his situation sound more real to me, was when I heard him say this at a press conference yesterday…

"I've been a colt for almost all of my adult life, but I guess in sports and in life, we all know that nothing lasts forever."

I understand that feeling…maybe you do to. 

I’m not feeling sorry for him…I think it’s actually kind of cool how all of a sudden your story can be unwritten again...a fresh new start.  

He doesn't know which team will pick him up...they don't know where to shop for a new house, but they're packing up preparing for the next step, the unknown.

Sounds kind of like living….this life of faith…


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3/9/2012 9:24:55 AM
Jeff Hamlin United States
Jeff Hamlin
Kind of like me being a divorcee. Tomorrow marks one year since a secular judge put asunder what God joined together 10 years ago. But through it all, my relationship with God is reconciled and much deeper than before.
3/9/2012 9:53:55 AM
Ana Serrano United States
Ana Serrano
Hi will we have 6 kids and my husband lost his job and its hard butGod is always there I love it because my kids are learning that we are not super parents but that we get are strength from God.Its amazing how we are going thought this storme and how we can still see that light.How God conforts us and tells us that it will be ok.He always gives us what we need.
3/9/2012 10:01:03 AM
Mark Randall United States
Mark Randall
I am a husband and proud father of five children and employed in real estate sales. When I'm on a project it usually only last for 1-3 years and then I'm looking for the next opportunity.

Most recently I accepted a job in Charleston South Carolina taking us away from our home and church in Chicago IL.

In my younger years the change every couple of years was very difficult and seemed to be an obstacle, but as I get older I look forward to God taking me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to grow in ways I may not have thought of.

Having to meet a whole new group of people, having to find a new place to live and having to learn a whole new project is now something I look forward to with excitement wondering "what new experience does GOD have planned for me".

In fact, my wife and I prefer having our path not planned and not seen, that way we know we are open to whatever GOD's path is for us.

Changing and growing is the way GOD designed us; embracing it allows us to truly trust GOD and not lean on our own understanding.

God Bless,

The Randalls
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