Mar 15 2012

Replace Fear with Faith

When you think about wedding planning… a lot things come to mind…love…excitement…stress…bridezillas…

Read about this bride that actually didn’t just book a photographer for her wedding day, but for the wedding planning. 

She did it because she wanted people to see the process she was going through of planning her wedding, and having treatment for cancer. 

The photographer followed her to dress fittings, and to the hair dresser when she shaved her head before chemo.

She said, “What I was going through was personal, but it’s something people need to see. A lot of people are scared of cancer, and it’s important for people to see that you shouldn’t be. ... I won’t live in fear.”

Reminds me of something my grandma taught me to pray…

"God please replace my fear with faith"

Click below to see a slideshow of the photos.  Everything from shaving her head, to a wedding dress fitting...bald. 

Her Photo Slideshow



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3/17/2012 12:26:07 PM
Christina United States
WOW. I read the captions to this brave womans slide show. And I couldnt help but tear up. For her strength, her being so brave, and for her happiness. You can see the pain in some pictures but thats what makes it so real. I have had more stuggles than up days But since I have known God, I just keep going. I dont give up. I cant. I no longer have to be strong for just me, but for my children and my fiance. God gave her such beauty. And that she is going gives me hope. She isnt giving up. So neither will I. God Bless.
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