Mar 20 2012

10,000 Reasons

Your life is full of God’s goodness.  Matt Redman’s new song, 10,000 Reasons is all about finding those reasons and thanking God for them.

I know that some days it’s hard to get that.  When you feel beat down, abandoned, alone, like a failure, change your perspective by thinking back to all the things God has gotten you through in the past and will get you through again.  

In this video about the story behind the song Matt Redman described his inspiration was from David in Psalm 103,  “He’s just pouring out all these reasons, he’s healed you from diseases, he’s redeemed you from the pit…and you can’t shut him up about it!  Isn’t that what the life of worship is meant to be…we are meant to be so conscious of the reasons to praise God.”

I know how failure can make it hard to find things to praise God for, but it can also make the things you have been successful at more clear.

Personally, I still struggle with the failure of my marriage, and sometimes it clouds my vision of the good things that God has brought into my life. 

But, when I look in my rear view mirror and I see 3 of God’s children that he has entrusted to my care, I can sing again.

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3/22/2012 4:17:18 PM
Mary Wells United States
Mary Wells
While listening to your show, I heard you talk about seeing your 3 kids in the backseat and thought about those times running our 2 boys from school, sports practice, events, & taking their friends home.  I didn't always thank God for the precious gifts God gave me in those kids until I'd get home exhausted & felt guilty that I didn't take more time out of my day to pray for my kids.  Now they're men with families of their own, so with 7 precious grandchildren I pray for all of them.  I think about how fast they grew up, & thank God for my 2 boys, how He's blessed us with precious gifts and also ask for more time to visit with them, their kids trusting God to help them to call us so we can keep in touch.  Our world is so much busier & much different then when they were growing up.  I also pray that they teach their kids about thanking God for time spent with family , no matter when we're all able to be together.
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