Apr 04 2012

Answering their Questions

Wondering if you’ve had one of those moments when a friend who knows that you are a Christian, asks you one of those tough questions out of the blue, and how you’ve resonponded 

This happened to me recently.  I went out to dinner with the girls, and one said her husband doesn’t believe that prayer makes a difference.  She looked at me asked what I would have said. 

I almost chocked on my sushi.  I struggled at first, and then said, it's about the story; lives that have been transformed, and prayers that have been answered. Then I told her, maybe we should start praying for something that he wants in his life and see what happens.

Not sure that was the right thing.  

What would you have said?

Beth on Facebook had a good idea:  “have them pray about something together and see what happens”

Then Erica said, she would introduce him to her husband because he is living proof that prayer works. 

He was critically injured in Afghanistan in September and doctors said he would never run again, never chase their kids around the yard.  But he's running anyway, and doctors can’t explain it.  He is more than a year ahead of schedule on his recovery.  They can’t explain why, but Erica can.  Lots and lots of prayer.

We actually have something cool for you, if you’re getting some of those questions.  For example, "what’s the big deal with Easter?  What’s good about good Friday?"

There are Easter e-cards you can send to your friends that are asking you questions.

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Comments (4) -

4/4/2012 6:43:06 PM
Roxanne United States
This is the perfect book to read on that subject!  It is called 10 prayers god always says yes to.  The only book I have ever bought multiple copies of and passed out.


4/5/2012 10:12:14 AM
Renee United States
One of my kids asked me a similar question about prayer. I told her to give it a shot. Really talk to God and pray for something everyday and let me know how it goes. When I wanted to stop smoking, I prayed every night for God to please take it away. I didn't want my kids to smoke because of me, like I did, because my parents smoked. Two or three weeks went by... I went outside to smoke one day and it made me sick! I never picked up a cigarette again and can't stand the smell. I thank God every day for the big and the small blessings in my life!
4/7/2012 4:22:42 PM
Ken N Ky United States
Ken N Ky
U R so absolutely right & I commend U Amanda 4 what U said it is,  A DIVINE ROMANCE, I LOVE YA GURL, ur one cool person, I love the comments YOU PRESENT. I love  "YOU". Smile ;X
4/9/2012 9:18:24 AM
Kirsten Hart United States
Kirsten  Hart
I would not second guess myself. Obviously, the Holy Spirit inspired you to say that. I did like the comment that they would together pray about something. Another thing, can she tell him when God has answered one of her prayers? He may say, well He hasn't answered my prayer(s). Then they should pray together about something.
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