May 15 2012

Countless Second Chances

Maybe you’ve had a second chance your thankful for, maybe you need one today, but your not sure if you deserve it.  This story might give you hope:

“The Man with the Golden Voice” is back.  He was a former radio announcer who had it all…and lost it all.  He got into drugs, became homeless, lived on the streets for 17 years.  Then a guy passing by one day took a video of him speaking, it went viral and it made him famous. 

Things were turning around for him.  He got all these job offers.  It looked like this was his second chance, but his addiction got the best of him again.  He relapsed. 

Now, he’s getting a Third Chance.  He says he’s been clean and sober for a year now, and he has a book coming out about his journey.

Saw an interview with him yesterday he said,

“I never stopped praying…I never lost hope. I would ask…Lord, please, let a life-changing turnaround happen in my life.”

His story reminds me of the song "Second Chance" from The Rend Collective:

The lyrics say:

Always inside this mess

I have found forgiveness. 

Mercy as infinite as You

Countless second chances

We’ve been given at the cross. 

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