Jun 27 2012

It's Like Riding a Bike

You’ve heard this saying before…”it’s like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget."

But what if you never learn.

What seems like a right of passage is really a luxury...not every kid is as fortunate as you were or as your kids are.

But, there’s this guy Ron that wants to change that… he started this organization called Recycle Bikes for Kids to make sure every child learns how to ride a bike.

All anyone who wants a bike needs to do is turn up at the door in Little Rock and  enter the treasure trove of finished bikes and pick one that will become their own. There is no charge.

The bikes help more than just kid, they’ve been given to the homeless, even several tandem bikes for the blind to allow those with no or partial sight to ride with a pilot. In the last three years, they have collected, repaired and given away over 3,000 bikes.

Because once you learn how to ride a bike…you also learn that when you fall, you gotta get back up again…

In the NEWS: Recycle Bikes For Kids. Huffington Post

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