Jul 03 2012

Proud Papa

With Fourth of July tomorrow, it makes you think about more and appreciate our troops who sacrifice time with their families even their lives to defend that freedom we’re celebrating.

You think about all that they miss.  Saw this story of an Air Force staff sergeant who hasn’t seen his daughter in person in 2 years.

He’s been in Afghanistan.

But, with modern technology he’s able to follow her.  He would watch YouTube videos of her gymnastics routines, even showing her off to the others in his squadron.

On Friday he finally got the opportunity to see her gymnastic routines in person.  He surprised his daughter, Gabby Douglas, as she tried out for  US Women’s Olympic Gymnastic team.

She made the team!

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7/3/2012 9:51:22 AM
Erin United States
I watched the Olympic trials and the announcers kept talking about how she was a surprise, wasnt expected to do that good, kind of a maybe but not really to make the team but how she truly showed up and was on fire! I see now why! I so wish they would have shared this story (and maybe they did and I missed it) I know I was impressed by her maturity and desire! Such an amazing story! God bless her, the whole Olympic team, and her daddy!
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