Aug 02 2012

Hello Courage!

If you’ve ever thought about quitting on your dream, because of criticism, or maybe it felt like you were the only person that believed you could do it.

You will find strength to persevere in Tahmina Kohistani's story.

She’s loves to run, but lives in a country where women aren’t allowed to play sports, or even exercise.

But, she did it anyway. The first day she started training, she went to a track, there were some people there that stood around the track shouting not very nice things at her.  She went home in tears, but she went back again the next day.

It’s what she can do to push for freedom.  She says she’s running for all the women in her country.

She’s the only female athlete in the Olympics representing, Afghanistan.

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8/3/2012 10:19:31 AM
Nat United States
what an awesome story! Gosh we all need to be this courages Smile
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