Aug 10 2012


When you face stressful situations circumstances out of your control, it’s hard to not loose your cool.  

So many times I admit to you, I’ve come unglued.  Usually it’s when life stuff piles up, and then one of my kids has a fit in public, usually at the grocery store screaming for candy, and I loose it.  I come unglued.  

I’m reading this new book about that you might be interested in, called Unglued , by Lysa Tyrkhurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

It’s about how to handle those moments, and be a better example for God.  I love what she says “You can face things that are out of control and not act out of control”  

Yes it is possible!  

Little behind the scenes secret for you. You’ll have a chance to win the book Unglued next week.

Tell us what makes you become "unglued" and find out how.  

Also, there’s this cool Unglued Women’s Conference coming up Thursday, August 23rd.  You don’t even have to leave your house and book a babysitter for it!  It’s a one hour webcast on the new book!  

So we call all come unglued together…wait no…I mean, help each other out when we do.

Lysa said it better,  “God Gave you emotions so you can experience life not destroy it”

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8/10/2012 9:19:44 AM
Mandy Hinson United States
Mandy Hinson
This sounds like something I would benefit from. ;) Thanks for sharing!
8/10/2012 9:24:17 AM
Raeanna United States
I become unglued when life seems to pile up on me. I still have not found a job even though I graduated in December. I am at home alone all week with my kids and my oldest is 2 so of course she is destroying everything in her path. My husband calls every day and the first thing out of his mouth is do you have a job yet. Which reminds me how I am failing. When he does come home for the weekend I don't get much time with him and he automatically assumes the negative naggy wife role for me. I feel peace when i am studying my bible or worshipping and praying.  But sometimes when all of those things build up I have have a moment of weakness and cry. I don't want to feel sorry for myself. I'd take rather use that time to focus on God and share His love with others.
8/10/2012 9:58:30 AM
Jan Beck United States
Jan Beck
I come unglued when I have all kinds of stress going on in my life. It's not the big things that get me. It's all the little things. My husband has been fairly sick for a while. Doctors have ran test, more than once over the years. Finally we focus on his gall bladder. The doctors finally run the right test. Come to find out, his gall bladder isn't functioning. He actually scored a '0' on the test. I guess 36-150 or something like that is good. He got '0'. Operation time,right...My brother-in-law calls and askes if we consulted his father in law for a propper diet to take care of the problem. Then procedes to tell me how I need to feed him better food w/out all the added stuff you get in the food from the grocery store. This man hasn't done anything productive in his life since the 1990's, if not even before that. He's telling me how to deal with our problems...over the phone... I just wanted to scream. I know his wife must have been able to hear me over the phone, because I could hear her laughing in the background...
8/10/2012 11:22:39 AM
Pamela Arp United States
Pamela Arp
i can come unglued when i am cleaning and i brake something. Or when i get up and i forgot to do something that day and it is night time. I can only get mad at my self i don't have any kids at home any more and my husband gone all week so i am here by my self so i can only come unglued with just me my self and I. I do call my husband and come unglued with him when something happens and he hears it. He does not like to much but i need to talk to someone about it when I do come unglued.
8/10/2012 11:28:13 AM
Megan Ringold United States
Megan Ringold
It usually takes my 4 year old asking me why I am so grumpy to realize that I am trying to be the imaginative "Super Mom" I want to be, for me to realize that my stubborness and my desire to do things on my own is brought to my attention. So when the stress of the house and the stress of everything that is going on is realized, that is when i break down and pray that God gives me patients and help to have a better understanding of what is going on and how to deal with it His way and not mind.
8/10/2012 11:33:30 AM
Pamela Arp United States
Pamela Arp
I do come unglued when i am playing my game on the internet and i can't pass the next level and i don't have no moves left.   And when i am running late for work and i have to hurry to get there I will really come unglued i hate being late for work. But the good thing is that i can only come unglued with my self there is nobody here to hear me when i do come unglued.
8/10/2012 12:26:38 PM
Caren Cline United States
Caren Cline
I come unglued on days where it seems like my 2 beautiful children (5 & 3) tag team me. They will take turns at blatantly defying me. I will correct one and as he/she is still not listening the other one chimes in and so I begin to correct him/her and then the other starts up again and so on and so forth. Those are days when you really have to keep in mind which battle you choose to take on.
8/10/2012 3:10:36 PM
stephanie forke United States
stephanie forke
I have never 'unglued' very easily! Ever since my daughter was born almost 2 years ago and I stay at home with her 24/7, that has become one of my biggest worries and stressors in life :0 I feel very unchristlike at times and feels like I let Him down when I explode at her. Very frustrating and a prayer of mine everyday now for God to seep His glue through and through me and teach me how to love my daughters in those 'unglued moments!' Thanks for listening!
8/13/2012 8:37:37 PM
Anne Alexander United States
Anne Alexander
People that try to give advice and dont know what they are talking about.They are jugemental and thinks they are always right. THEY dont have  compassion or time to be empathetic. Also, dealing with them and my body beingworn down down from pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia and osteo artritis.
Thanks for listening and I'd love to win the book.
8/14/2012 6:49:34 PM
Lisa United States

I come unglued when my children are unhappy.

I come unglued when circumstances from my past come up and all the anger, bitterness, and resentment that I can't let go off, are re-lived over and over.  Why do I care what people think, say, or do especially when some of it was so long ago!!
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