Sep 07 2012

Praying for Football?

So it's kind of a big deal, the start of football season!

You might love this time of year, because your team is just awesome, or you might hate it because your loved one turns into a crazy person and yells so loud at the TV that your neighbors can hear.

For me, it's about the story.

One story, you can't help but follow, is Peyton Manning.  The guy has already won a Super Bowl, but that’s not enough.  His little brother, Eli, has won 2.  I bet that’s fun at family celebrations.

You probably know the story.  Last year he was injured, had surgery, and got fired from the Colts.  This year, he’s trying for a comeback with the Broncos.

Some players might be praying for a big win Sunday, or to win the Super Bowl, but I imagine if Peyton is a praying kind of guy, if he hits his knees before a game, he’s praying, “God, I hope I don’t get hurt.”

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