Sep 10 2012

A Nation Goes Back to Church

It’s September 10th.

The day before your world, your sense of security was shaken after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11th.

Another day I vividly remember 11 years ago, was the weekend after the attacks, when everyone went back to church.

I remember a friend called me and said, “I can’t make sense of all of this, could I come with you to that church you’re always talking about?”.

That happened all across the country 11 years ago.

In honor of that churches all across the country are having a National Back to Church Sunday. You can find out more at our Featured Cause Page.

The experts say that 8 out of 10 people who don't go to church, would if they were invited.

Maybe there’s someone in your life that you have prayed for and encouraged, maybe this is the week to take the next step and invite them to church.

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