Sep 12 2012

"I love life"

"Your greatest limitation is God's greatest opportunity.” -Steven Furtick (Elevation Church)

If you've ever felt ruined, because of your past, or limitations, here's someone that's proving that doubt, wrong!

Aimee Copeland, 24, is the young woman from Georgia who got that flesh eating bacteria and lost her hands, and legs.  

You might have seen her yesterday on Katie Couric’s new show yesterday. 

Katie asked her:  "was there ever a point that you said, I can't do this, I'd rather die?"

She flat out said, "No! That was never an option to me.  I love life.  It's a beautiful thing, it's something I never take for granted anymore..."


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9/12/2012 8:55:18 AM
jonathan steinfort United States
jonathan steinfort
hello amanda the Video the woman is a Amazing

jonathan steinfort

p.s can you look for me on facebook
9/13/2012 10:49:59 AM
Joseph United States
I'm serving in an airbase in the MIddle East. Often we can't pick up programs but I thank God that I was able to see this one! She was a real inspiration to me. What a wonderful person! I was depressed about the situation here as well as not being able to go back home and see my family for over a year. But you know what? Her courage and positive outlook lifted me up and made me want to thank God for all His blessings. Yes, thank You, God. Thank You so much for everything and for the courage and outlook of this wonderful, young lady. May God bless her mightily.
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