Nov 06 2012

Win a trip to the Dominican Republic!

Things you take for granted:

That’s you can just drive up and get gas in 10 minutes, compared to what’s going on with those of us in New York City, waiting in line for hours.

Your toothbrush. If you have your own toothbrush you’re blessed.  I heard this story about an orphanage with 30 kids, and 1 toothbrush, they shared it. That’s why each of those shoeboxes you’ve heard us talk about or you might be packing for Operation Christmas Child has a toothbrush.  You might think it’s a lame gift, but it’s a luxury for the child that gets it.

You could be the one to give it to them, in person this Christmas. You have chance to win a trip to the Dominican Republic with me and Operation Christmas Child to be on the team that delivers the 100 millionth shoebox this December.

To win, just tell us why you want to go here!

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