Dec 06 2012

From a Box to a Box

I'm a puddle of tears.  I tried to hold it in until I got to my hotel room tonight after delivering 400 shoeboxes to children in extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic today, I failed.  I now sit here in awe (and black mascara running down my face) of how God adores his children.  Every child. 

Here's how much he is enthralled with Brenda.  Brenda is the little girl I mentioned yesterday that received the 100 millionth shoebox from Operation Christmas Child.  I heard more of her story of how she came into this world today, and I had to share it with you.  Warning, this is tough.  

Brenda's mom rejected her.  She was young and unmarried when Brenda was born, and wanted nothing to do with her.  So she gave Brenda to her father, her boyfriend at the time.  He didn't know what to do with her either.  He put Brenda in a cardboard box, tied a rope to one end of the box, and the other end to the back of his motorcycle.  And dragged the box to the only person he could find to take her, his aunt.  Brenda was 5 months old, and weighed only 4 pounds.  

It's a miracle she survived.  Yesterday, at 5 years old, a happy and healthy Brenda received the 100 millionth Operation Christmas Child shoebox, and tomorrow she will be on the front page of every newspaper in the Dominican Republic, and the headline story of every TV news station.  

She was rejected, but now redeemed as a child of God.  All I can say is, Thank you Jesus.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you Jesus.

There's still time for you to pack a shoebox!  You can pack one online at Samaritan's Purse and it will go to the hardest to reach places in the world where volunteers face great risk in delivering them.  

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12/7/2012 11:51:07 AM
Edward Sexton United States
Edward Sexton
Thank you for that story, Amanda.  It certainly brought tears to my eyes.  Tears of joy at the end, though.
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