Dec 11 2012

Never "just a"

If you’ve ever thought, you’re too small to change a big problem, this woman’s story will change your mind.

She never had a case of the “just-a’s”, referring to herself as “just-a-mom” or “just-a-housewife”.

Susana Trimarco was “just-a” normal everyday housewife in Argentina. She didn’t pay a lot of attention to the news until one day her daughter left for a doctor’s appointment and never came back.

Susana did what any mother would do, she searched for her daughter, Veron.  She didn’t think the police were doing enough, so she started her own investigation.  She discovered her 23 year-old daughter had been abducted and sold into slavery.  So, she started visiting brothers searching for her.

What began as “just a mom” searching for her daughter, has developed into a movement.   She has rescued more than 900 young women, and she has put bad guys on trial .

She’s still looking for her daughter, Veron, so it would be amazing if you could pray for her to be found.  She says she won’t stop until she does.

A woman who was “just-a” housewife has now been was nominated for the Women of Courage award by the US and for the Nobel Peace Prize.

You’re never “just-a”…

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