Jan 08 2013

Your Moment

"You were there, you were always there, you've been walking with me All This Time" -Britt Nicole.  "All This Time"

I have been singing out loud in my car to that song for months now, but for some reason today, it hit me differently.  The song is Britt's personal story of her first real encounter with God. She had just found out that her parents were getting a divorce, and she ran to her room and opened up her Precious Moments bible, and found comfort.  

I realized how I take it for granted that I have had that moment.  Maybe you can remember your moment too, maybe you haven't had it yet.  

Here's how I would describe it:  

It's one thing to believe that there is a God.  It's another to know and to feel that He is involved in every moment of your life.  Like right now...

Just talk to Him.  Tell Him what's going on, ask Him for help... He always says "yes".   

He is there, He was always there.  He's been walking with you all this time.  

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