Jan 18 2013

Clear Your Mind

It’s hard to clear your mind.  

I recently saw this thing that said the average human has 10-15 recurring thoughts a day.  For example, "pick up milk at the store", "want to ask that person this question", or "need to pay that bill."

These thoughts plague us, fill up our brain, and we don’t think about the bigger picture. 

The fix:  When thouse recourring mundane thoughts happen, write them down, do something about it, and stop dwelling.

I'm trying that, the problem is I keep loosing my list...

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1/19/2013 4:59:29 PM
Karen Wooten United States
Karen Wooten
I am so glad to know that I am not the only one that has recurring thoughts everyday. LOL  But, it would take me to long to write them down they come so fast.  And I love the part about losing the list.  I am a note maker.  I have to have my pieces of paper with lists.  But I do lose them sometimes and I don't like that.  I love, love, love to her your radio program.  You are awesome.
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