Jan 18 2013

Rules to Live By


The thing about kids.  You think your job is to be a good example for how to live life, and they end up being the best example for you.  

For example Isabelle and Isabella, two cousins from Citrus Heights, CA.  They came up with their own "Rule" book.  Everything from "don't push", "don't bite the dentist", and "protect each other".  Each one numbered.  But, they prone Rule #154, "protect this book".  

They lost it.  Turns out they left it at Wal-Mart and an employee found it, realized it's value to the owners and took it to the local media and spread the word.  Their rules to live by became a sensation, news spread to Isabelle's mom, and the girls were reunited with their "Rule" book.  

If you could add a rule to the book, what would be in it?  Just like the girls had each rule carefully numbered, let's follow their lead.  Add your rule below with a number!  

I'll start.

Rule #1:  Life the life you love.  Don't let anyone steal your joy!

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