Jan 21 2013

Your Legacy

What a great day in America.  I’m always amazed on Inauguration Day, the day a President is sworn into office.  It’s a beautiful celebration of freedom, and democracy in action.  (plus the fashion is fun to watch too).

Politics (and fashion) aside,  It’s pretty amazing that this is happening on a day we are also honoring Martin Luther King, Jr and his efforts in the civil rights movement.

I don't know if this is possible, but we can when we are in heaven be able to look down at what's going on down here on earth. If it's possible, I can imagine he'd be really proud of how far we've come.  

I don't know about you, but events like this make me think about my legacy, the kind of impact I want to have on people.  

You don't have to be in politics to make a difference.  I heard this 10 year old girl,Natasha Leininger ,speak over the weekend… who is fighting herself for freedom for kids in Uganda.  She raised $25,000 to build a home for orphans and widows.  Why?

Because she said, "God didn’t save us to be safe..." 

Wow, makes you think about what ways you can be a little more "dangerous" for God... 

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