Jan 28 2013

Wheels to Your Dream

Everyone wants someone to believe in them. 

I heard a story about how one Dad gave a young man "wheels to his dream", and it made me think about my own parenting and friendships differently. I don't want to make my kids or friends be who I want them to be, but help them be who God designed them to be.  People need to hear, "I believe in you", more.

The story goes like this:  This young man was working summers at one of those church family camps.  He was the guy that led worship. One of the Dads that brought his family there, was impressed.  So he sat down with the young man, and asked him what he wanted.  The young man, said he really wanted to pursue his music.

So that Dad says,, “I want to give you wheels to your dream", and cut him a check to make a demo.  That demo got him a recording contract.  The Dad is now a speaker and author.  He wrote the book, "Love Does".  His name is Bob Goff.  That young man, Christian recording artist, Brandon Heath.


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