Jan 30 2013

Don’t give up hope!

I am totally inspired by two people today that refuse to give up, despite situations that you and I might fight very limiting.  

The first, is a pianist, does martial arts, and just set a world record.  She became first woman to become a pilot, without arms.  

She plays the piano, uses numchucks, and flies with her feet. 


Here is another example of a person defying the odds without arms, and without legs.  Well, he used to be without arms. 

Brendan is a soldier who lost all 4 limbs in Iraq.  He just got a double an arm transplant.  

They had this big news conference yesterday to celebrate this medical feat, 6 weeks after the transplant.


He insisted on rolling his own wheelchair into a the news conference using his transplanted arms, and then did something we do without even thinking that was huge for him, he lifted up his new arms and brushed his hair to one side.   

He had a special message at the conference for other wounded soldiers, and I admit felt like it for me you might feel like that too: 

"Don’t give up hope….life always gets better, and you're still alive.  Be stubborn. There's a lot of people who will say you can't do something. Just be stubborn and do it anyway!"

These brave people make me  think maybe my so called limitations aren’t so limiting after all.  



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