Feb 01 2013

4 Food Groups of Football

Everyone once in a while you meet someone and it feels like you've been friends forever.  That's the way Christy Jordan made me feel when I met her.  

We were both on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in December to deliver the 100 millionth shoebox to children in need through Operation Christmas Child.  The whole time, she talked about the delicious food she cooks for her family, and she made me so hungry!  

Christy describes herself as: "Author, Publisher of SouthernPlate.com, Contributing Editor Taste of The South, Mama, Alabamian, Hoarder of Pyrex and fresh watermelon."  She is an amazing and talented personality, and has a heart to serve God.  Love her!  

So naturally, she is the first person I called today when talking about Super Bowl food! She said, "I really don't think calories count, all is forgiven on Super Bowl Sunday, just go forward with a sense of peace and start cooking!"

Check out how she describes the Four Food Groups of Football:  Salty, Crunchy, Saucy, and Sweet!


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