Mar 07 2013

Amazing Grace

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to understand Grace.  I heard a pastor once describe it as; God’s unmerited favor, his ability to do in you, what you can’t do on your own.

This is the perfect example of that.  It’s a note from Facebook Friend, 

Pam:“I have been clean & sober for 13 years, 3 months & 6 days. I was hopelessly addicted to drugs, my 3 kids & I had lost our home & ended up living in a tent along the creek. I knew I needed help but didn't know who to turn to. I was fooling with the dials on a small radio, trying to find music for my kids and I came across KLOVE and the song, Amazing Grace was playing. Something inside me changed that day. I picked myself up, spent two weeks kicking drugs down by that creek, found work, got another home and now, 13 years later I am the owner of a small, but successful janitorial service. I'm clean & sober, my kids are grown & strong & life is good. I still listen to KLOVE every single day and the music you play continues to inspire me with each song.

Thank you KLOVE, for helping me to find God & through God's love find my strength.”

Now that is truly Amazing Grace.  You made her story of Grace possible if you have supported K-LOVE.  Thank you for supporting a radio station that plays songs that have meaning and change people’s lives.

What a privilege to play these songs.

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