Mar 28 2013

The Lord's Supper: Mike Donehey

The Lord's Supper is so much more than a famous painting.  Tenth Avenue North's, Mike Donehey explains what the Lord's Supper means to him.


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3/28/2013 8:31:47 AM
Amy United States
Im a huge fan of TAN and love this parallel and backdrop of what Jesus is representing in the last supper! Ive never heard it explained this way! AMAZING!!!
3/28/2013 8:52:10 AM
Loriann Shoemaker United States
Loriann Shoemaker
Amanda, thanks so much for the last supper video! I have never heard it portrayed this way but it makes it so clear! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can't say it enough!
3/28/2013 9:00:59 AM
Avis Townsend United States
Avis Townsend
I'm struggling with the loss of a love one whose death came so sudden and unexpected. The service is Saturday 5/30/13. As I continue to be strong for my family I'm forced to focus on my own salvation and where I stand with Christ. I do have the Holy Spirit, however I've just been feeling that I have not been doing enough for Christ to make it into his Kingdom because of my faults. This message has touched me so much in that it's comforting me with my loss and my own Christian journey. I am so GRATEFUL for K-Love, ALL artist whose music and background stories to their songs that have strengthen, encouraged and blessed my family and I. Most of all, at this moment, ESPECIALLY FOR Bro. Mike Donehey and his message on "The Last Supper".  THANK  YOU  ALL, I LOVE YOU ALL WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST! CONTINUE TO TESTIFY FOR CHRIST AND BE BLESSED!
3/28/2013 9:09:10 AM
Robert Brown United States
Robert Brown
My wife and I have been celebrating Passover as the Lord's betrothal to us for the last 20 years. Betrothal grants all legal marital rights except consummation. See Jer 31. Jeremiah says you were a whore but now you are a virgin. You were cast down, now you are established. At Passover, God called Israel to the top of Mt Zion to marry him. They wouldn't go. Vs 32 says he was Israel's husband even though they rebelled. They were betrothed when they drank the 3rd cup at Passover. He wanted to write his laws on their hearts. Instead he wrote them on tables of stone to match their stony hearts. Now  vs.  33 says he is going to write them on our hearts through our covenant with Jesus. Vs  6 says his grooms men will get us and take us up to Mt Zion. This time we will not say no. Read the whole chapter and get ready to be blown away. It’s just like God knew what He was doing all along.  All 4 cups are incredible pictures of Jesus and his love for us and our love for him. The 2nd cup was his blood price. The 3rd cup is our response or what we drink at communion. But the 4th cup…….. This is His cup of Joy. This is the Elijah Cup. This is the cup spoken of when it is said, For the joy set before Him he endured the cross. We are Elijah and we are sent to prepare a way before him. I’d love to share more. If you are interested you can return this email or call me at 904-403-3857. Robert
3/28/2013 9:41:12 AM
Renata United States
Thanks for featuring this today, I passed it along to my ladies' Bible Study group and the Young Adults group that we help host. Such a treat to have new insight into an already meaningful occasion.
3/28/2013 9:46:21 AM
Rachel United States
Amanda, thanks for sharing! The simple way he explains something I've never been able to grasp is wonderful! Thanks a million!!!
3/28/2013 10:14:18 AM
Belinda Aguinaga United States
Belinda Aguinaga
This video was an answer to a prayer that I made this week. I wanted to understand more about the Passover and Holy Week so that I could make a better connection to Jesus sacrifice. I wanted this Easter to be different. Thanks for posting it. It truly has made me understand so much more about Jesus' sacrifice for me (us).
3/28/2013 10:24:34 AM
Jim United States
I have heard a little how the Jewish wedding greatly parallels what Christ did for us, but never in such great detail. After hearing this I looked more into it and found even more information on how the whole even, beginning to end, is exactly what Jesus did! Thank you!!
3/28/2013 10:55:32 AM
meg hardy United States
meg hardy
Hi Amanda! thank u SO MUCH for posting this!  i heard part of it but then i had to go to work.  i'm looking forward to listening to the entire talk. it is FASCINATING!  
3/28/2013 10:56:28 AM
Lynnette Jackson United States
Lynnette Jackson
I LOVED this clip!!  It made so much sense to me!!
I want everyone to see this!!
3/28/2013 7:32:24 PM
Adam Buckallew United States
Adam Buckallew
Today was definitely a "Divine appointment".  I got the blessing of hearing this on K-Love while on my lunch break.  And I have to agree with others and say I have never heard this presented quite this way before.  Brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to have this reminder that our Father loves us that much.  How incredible it is to be so loved!!  Thank you for airing this and making it available for us to be blessed!
3/28/2013 10:22:12 PM
Steve United States
This story caught my ear when Amanda played it on-air. Then I had to visit the website to see the video. It had tied a lot of scripture together for me and brough new meaning for me out of the Hosea and Gomer story. What profound love this is! Thanks, Amanda!
3/29/2013 4:55:56 AM
Monica Endress United States
Monica Endress
Amanda, like the others I have never heard the last supper explained this way. God is so amazing and has thought everything through...even before we accepted him, he has loved and accepted us with all our flaws. God is great. Thank you!
3/29/2013 8:54:35 AM
Carrie United States
I heard The Lord's Supper while driving in my car and Loved it.  Mike Donehey is a awesome story teller. Words escape me I can only say WOW.
3/29/2013 4:23:59 PM
Rick Miranda United States
Rick Miranda
What an awesome video on the Last Supper! This really sheds light on the parallels Jesus is speaking to us about as His bride and makes it so much easier to understand. Especially for me as a guy.
3/30/2013 9:28:28 AM
Stephanie United States
I loved this video. I shared it with a couple others in my family as well.  I never heard it explained that way before but was very blessed by it. Thanks Amanda!
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